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adaptive bitrate streaming

Adaptive bitrate streaming

Adaptive bitrate streaming lets you seamlessly deliver the right quality and resolution of videos to every end-user. Based on the video consumers’ processing power, device size, and internet bandwidth, the video stream is optimized in real-time to deliver the highest possible stream quality for a better video experience.

Gumlet Advantage

  • HLS & Dash support to cover every device globally
  • Consistent and remarkable streaming experience across platforms
  • Minimize video buffering and rebuffering over inconsistent internet connectivity
multi CDN support

Multi CDN support

  • Gumlet uses Fastly + Cloudfront multi CDN network to deliver a stellar streaming experience. Multi CDN ensures low latency streaming and minimal rebuffering events to provide the best possible video streaming experience on any device, anywhere.
  • We also offer AWS Cloudfront support to cover fail-safes and redundancies. Combined, this ensures a 99.99% uptime SLA.

Gumlet is built to scale

  • Auto-scaling by default. Go from hundred videos a month to thousands of videos a day overnight.
  • Scaling is made easy as you grow your audience to millions of views.
  • Cloud-based parallel transcoding processes all videos simultaneously and saves time to deploy and stream.

Reliability is at the heart of what we build at Gumlet

  • Multi CDN ensures truly reliable and global coverage with 99.99% uptime SLAs.
  • ABR & PTE deliver consistent and remarkable end-user video experience with every view.
  • Multiple region processing and auto region failover support ensure your videos continue to be optimized even if an entire region is down.
geo block video

Video protection

Security is an absolute priority for streaming and delivering videos globally. Gumlet’s video protection features put you in control of who views or downloads your videos.

  • Prevent unauthorized access with DRM.
  • Signed URLs to give you more control over who has access to your content.
  • Geo-blocking helps you easily limit access to your videos specific to countries and regions.
  • Allowed refer lets you restrict your videos from playing anywhere else but your web properties.

Set up, automate and start streaming your
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Benefits of video transcoding

Set up in minutes

Effortlessly set up your video streaming infrastructure with APIs and webhooks and integrate Gumlet with your workflow. Gumlet does not require recurring maintenance and upkeep. Start streaming your videos to millions of viewers in minutes.

Remarkable video experience

The best-in-class transcoding, powered by per-title-encoding and adaptive bitrate streaming, delivers a remarkable video streaming experience to your end-users across devices, platforms, and even over inconsistent network connectivity.

Reduce total cost of ownership

Transparent and straightforward per-minute pricing for transcoding and streaming to make sure you only pay for optimized media delivered. Gumlet optimized videos consume ~68% less data than the original and dramatically reduce CDN costs for streaming.

Video Analytics

Track, measure, and improve your end-user experience and every aspect of the video with Gumlet. Drill down data to an individual user or a single view. Gumlet Insights is the single source of truth for all your video engagement, latency, and experience data.

Learn more about other features

per title encoding


Significantly reduce bytes without quality loss for an unmatched and buffer-free end user video experience with PTE.

Video CMS

Stay organized with Video CMS. Upload, manage, categorize and publish your videos with an intuitive dashboard.

Video transcoding

Encode video files with super fast transcoding and adaptive bitrate streaming with Gumlet Video

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