Reduce buffering and start times
by tracking latency metrics

Every added second to load a video lowers your brand perception for the end-user.
Optimize latency metrics for uninterrupted streaming with every view.

What is Video Latency?

Video latency is measured as the delay between the time a video stream is requested by the viewer and the time the video stream is initiated. Networks that deliver significantly lower delays are termed low-latency networks. Optimizing for negligible delays and low latency streaming leads to better audience retention and improved end-user experience.

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Player start-up time

The time a video player takes to initialize and be ready for inputs from the viewer to start video playback is tracked as the player start-up time.

Nothing is more off-putting than a gray box loading on a webpage without video playback. Longer player start-up time invariably leads to a drop in audience retention. By tracking this metric, you can:

  • Mitigate operations of your video player.
  • Track aggregate start-up time - the total time a viewer waits on the video watch page before initiating playback.
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Video start up time

The time a player takes when a viewer clicks the play button for the first time to the time the first frame of the video is shown to a viewer is tracked as video start-up time.

Viewers start abandoning videos if it takes more than two seconds to start. Tracking video start-up time helps optimize and retain viewers.

  • Reduce video start time to retain audience
  • Understand time to first byte
  • Track if ABR is optimized to reduce buffering
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Seek latency

The total time spent waiting for playback to resume after the viewer seeks a new location on the video is measured as seek latency.

A single buffer event can lead to a 39% drop in viewers. Optimizing for seek latency is crucial to delivering a better video experience for your end-user. Track seek latency to:

  • Identify and eliminate cases of extreme seek start-up times.
  • Track video player’s ability to respond quickly to a viewer’s seek request.
  • Understand and optimize video drop-off rate due to buffering.

Track and eliminate latency edge cases with Gumlet Insights
and deliver buffer free videos with every view.
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