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Gumlet startup credits program eligibility


  • Registered in last 4 years
  • Received less than $10M in funding
  • Not already a paying customer
Gumlet startup credits program benefits


  • $10,000 in Gumlet Credits
  • Full access to Gumlet video, video insights and Image optimization products
  • 1 year of validity
Gumlet startup credits program small business

Not a startup?

  • If you are a freelancer or a small business
  • Get 60% off on Growth plan for a year
  • Apply for small business discount
You are in good company
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1 Billion+

media files every day


Average optimization


Sites and Apps

Focus on your mission
Let us take care of the media

Set up in minutes

APIs and Webhooks help you integrate Gumlet with your apps and automate it effortlessly. No recurring maintenance for upkeep required.

Unmatched Performance

Best-in-class video transcoding powered by per-title-encoding and highest possible image optimization without any loss of visual quality.

Scale without worry

Global infrastructure with auto-scaling and outstanding CDNs. Gumlet delivers over 1 Bn media properties daily.

Developer friendly

Built for developers. Prime developer experience with detailed documentation, API guides, and free trials for testing.

Secure your assets

Geo-blocking, secure video playbacks with signed URLs for unworried streaming and media delivery.

Help at your fingertips

Dedicated support for integrations. Migration assistance for onboarding. Email and chat support with quick TATs.

Partner with Gumlet

We collaborate with leading accelerators, incubators, VCs, and startup communities around the world. We help their portfolio companies build the next big thing without reinventing the wheel.

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We reduced our video data consumption and improved video start time with Gumlet. Their automatic video optimization, transcoding and delivery makes it super simple to handle our user-uploaded videos


Puneet Kala

Head of Engineering, Apna

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We switched to Gumlet for our video processing pipeline and instantly realised at least 50% cost savings for both transcoding and streaming. This combined with their fanatic support makes it super easy for us to process thousands of video every day


Swanand Pagnis

CTO, Colearn

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